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Philadelphia Collab

Every year, graphic designer Ruud van Eijk spends his free time working on at least one art project of his own, a self-initiated project without any clients or deadlines. Every year it has to be a creative collaboration. Ruud: “This year I’ve chosen for a collaboration with a larger group. My neighbor, who works at Philadelphia, introduced me to this group of 19 children and adults with a mental disability. Within this special group, a lot of creative talent is blooming. I’ve come to see them as true artists and that’s why I also call them “artists”. For this project I thought it would be interesting to blend the unique styles of these artists into one work of art. By nature, this group is really pure and sincere, so collaborating with them was an amazing experience.

Project name: What's inside your head? - Dreams, wishes and memories. ”“My priority was to focus on a fun and inspiring time with the artists during the process, while still delivering a beautiful result. In my opinion, all the work of this group of artists should be taken very seriously. Last November, Dutch newspaper Het Parool wrote an article on our project. We were pleasantly surprised by the exposure we have enjoyed since it had added something invaluable to the overall experience of the artists: recognition. A great memory that ties in with the theme of this project. One day, we hope to exhibit and sell our results.”

“Profits of this project will be donated to charity; Laudy Plus and the Zij aan Zij Ateliers (the Amsterdam based workspaces of the artists of this project). Donating to these organizations will show the artists (1) what impact their art can have, (2) that it’s worth the money and (3) that it’s being used for a gift or an unforgettable day out. This group can be proud of their contribution. In my opinion, the project is already successful once they feel proud. And if money can be made in the process, well, that’s a welcome luxury,” Ruud van Eijk observes.

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I'm Ruud van Eijk. A graphic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I create graphics, identities, art & other designs for clients and myself. I also run a small fashion brand called 'LazyWack'. In this virtual space you can see some of the client work and a number of personal projects I have worked on over the past few years.